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Ultimate Inventory

Ultimate Inventory (aka UInventory) is an asset package written in C-Sharp (C#) for Unity™ Game Engine.

UInventory is the ultimate solution for inventories for any kind of game, from First Person Shooters to Role Playing Games. Ultimate Inventory 5 is available for Unity 5.x with two different versions, the UInventory Pro and the UInventory Survival.

Ultimate Inventory 5 Pro is now available, the Survival edition will be available soon.

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Unlimited Possibilities

UInventory supports unlimited number of slots and objects, unlimited crafting items and categories and easy to extend and modify.

Everything your game needs

Smooth drag & drop, weight support, audio clips for inventory actions, right click menu and automatic set-up system.

Item Variety

Different type of items, from consumable to equipment in order to make your game come to life and give the maximum experience to your players.

Various features

Items can be moved on stacks, you can slit stacks. Durability on items with a health-bar UI, Random item spawner & loot-container system. Item description panel with information about the selected item.

Crafting & Building

Supports crafting with blueprints (Rust like) as well as a building system*.
(*=on the next patch)

Noob Friendly

With an easy to use custom editor, detailed comments on the scripts and the easy to understand documentation everyone with little to no experience in Unity and CSharp can use UInventory 5
Ultimate Inventory 5 has regular updates!

Runtime Level Editor

Runtime Level Editor is the ultimate solution for any in-game level editor. It is made to be simple to use and very powerful since it contains a bunch of features that will provide the ultimate experience to your players. Runtime Level Editor is currently available only for Unity 5 Beta and it would support all Unity 5.x versions.

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Unlimited Objects

Runtime Level Editor supports unlimited number of objects at your scene, with move/rotate and scale tools out of the box.

Physics integration.

Easy one-click physics integration with adjustable properties.

World Settings

World settings for gravity, ambient light, global lighting, shadows, fog options and other.

Save & Load

An optimized and fast save and load system supporting level screenshot which can be captured in-editor.

Share The Levels

Levels are saved as simple ASCII files so you can share them each any network solution between your players.

Test Your Level ASAP

You can run your level with a single click, or you can only run (simulate) the physics engine only in order to test your level setup.

Actions Memory

Runtime Level Editor keeps a log of your latest position, rotation and scale changes so you can undo them.

Material Editor

Includes a built-in material editor so you can change the textures of the models.

All Products

A List with all our available assets for Unity Game Engine.

Advanced Save System (CSharp)

Our first ever asset to be released on the Asset Store back at 2014, it's now free but no longer updated.

Ultimate Inventory 5

The most succeed asset we ever made selling hundrend of copies, regularly updated since 2014 with a full reboot at 2016
(From Ultimate Inventory 4 to Ultimate Inventory 5)

MEGA Sound Pack

Our first non-script asset published at also at 2014, contains 100 high quality audio FX suitable for your game.

Runtime Level Editor CSharp

Maybe the most advanced asset we made, a runtime level editor suitable for any game compete in sales with UInventory 5.

Components uGUI

An extension for new Unity's UI introduced at Unity 4.6, containing a file viewer, combo-boxes and color selector.

Uni Tower Defence

Our last asset title released, a real time tower defender kit mobile-friendly and it will get a 66.6% discount soon.


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